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The mission of the R.E.A.L. Leadership Academy is to develop leaders who inspire, influence, innovate and impact!



Gain valuable insight on yourself, your team, or others in your organization through behavioral and leadership assessments.


There are two main keynotes offered by R.E.A.L. Leadership Academy: Developing your Marathon Mentality which focuses on personal and R.E.A.L. Leadership which focus on professional leadership.


Receive specific solutions to your leadership challenges as well as tailored designed strategies that will lead to greater organizational effectiveness.


Both the R.E.A.L. Leadership and Marathon Mentality talks can be given as breakout sessions.


Maximize the principles taught by the R.E.A.L. Leadership Academy through one on one coaching sessions designed to increase leadership effectiveness.


Expand on and go in greater depth with the principles shared in Developing your Marathon Mentality and R.E.A.L. Leadership. One and two day seminars are offered.



Leadership and Service

Leadership and Service

Recently I met an elderly gentleman at the airport and after sharing that I was working on my PhD in Organizational…
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Leadership is a Marathon

Leadership is a Marathon

Matt shares strategies for staying motivated and developing a marathon mentality as a leader. This same strategies allowed him to overcome cancer three times, relearn how to walk, and complete marathons around the world.

 How to Thrive in times of adversity and change
 How to take action for success to operate at a level of Excellence
 Renewed passion for leadership
 27 action strategies to increase leadership effectiveness

Develop Your Marathon Mentality

Developing Marathon Mentality

This audio program delivers four hours of empowerment that will lead to developing your marathon mentality. In order to be a great leader, you first must be a great person. This program will help you to accomplish that.

 Develop an attitude of Possibility
 Learn how to guard against the Dr. Dooms of Negativity
 Discover the secret to building tenacity
 Be inspired to embrace the challenges of leadership and life


Matt was instrumental in us delivering one of the "best" leadership conferences in 14 years to over 500+ associates and vendors. I would highly recommend Matt as a speaker for any upcoming event.
Anne McClinton
VP Training and Development
Western National Group

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