• Why is R.E.A.L. Leadership needed?

    In every area of today’s society there has been an erosion of leadership and this has lead to a leadership gap. David Walker the former United States Comptroller General said,” the biggest deficit in America is the leadership deficit.” This gap and deficit can be seen in all aspects of society and countries all around the world. R.E.A.L. Leadership is an answer to bridge and fill this gap/deficit.

  • What exactly is R.E.A.L. Leadership?

    R.E.A.L. Leadership stands for Relational, Ethical, Authentic, and Lasting. It is the brainchild of professional speaker, author, and PhD student in Organizational Leadership Matt Jones. It is based off his leadership experience and backed up by the most up-to-date leadership theories and practices.

  • What can R.E.A.L. Leadership do for the leaders in my organization?

    The objective of R.E.A.L. Leadership is to develop leaders that inspire, influence, innovate, and impact. This leads to greater effectiveness and productivity.

  • What services does R.E.A.L. Leadership offer?

    There are six core services currently offered by the Academy-keynotes/general session talks, breakouts, seminars, coaching, consulting, and assessments.. Each component/service is designed to increase the characteristics of R.E.A.L. leadership in the participant. The model used by the Academy is like a funnel with the services starting out more broad, general, and universal; becoming more specific and tailored to the individual. This allows for the services to be offered to a large group down to the individual and their specific needs.

  • Who would benefit from R.E.A.L. Leadership?

    Leaders in all sectors including: for-profit and non-profit organizations/associations/corporations, governments, college, and youth.

  • What is the investment for the R.E.A.L. Leadership programs?

    The investment for the services offered is determined by the needs and services chosen. Please contact R.E.A.L. Leadership Academy for a detailed proposal with the investment for your specific needs. We can be reached at our contact page, by email at Matt@RealLeadershipAcademy.com or phone at 213.291.9873

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