Imagine how it would feel to reach all your leadership goals and objectives faster, more efficient, and with less stress
 Imagine having a solid strategic plan for handling the challenges you face.
 Imagine becoming a leader that inspires, influences, innovates, and impacts.

The R.E.A.L. Leadership Academy coaching program is an action-oriented process that will shift your personal and professional leadership development into high gear. As a result of this coaching program you will:

 Discover the fundamentals of being a transformational leader for self and others
 Learn the secrets to getting more out of other than you ever thought possible
 Develop a customized plan for personal mastery
 Collaborate in an environment of constructive feedback and inspirational support
 Gain insight into specific leadership challenges or goals you have


When you sign on to this program, you commit yourself to a scheduled number of coaching sessions agreed to by you and your coach. In return, you receive a combination of customized training, feedback, and coaching tailored to assist you in achieving your goal. Coaching sessions can be done via phone, email, Skype, or in person. It is this combination of guidance, plus your commitment to take action that will insure your success.


You have the support of an experienced coach … the synergy of a supportive team …and you are working in an environment of accountability which always leads you forward. These benefits, plus the level of intention that you bring to completing your goal, makes the difference between maximizing your leadership abilities and not fulfilling your leadership potential. And the learning you will gain will allow you to be a leader that inspires, influences innovates, and impacts.


For more information including the various coaching programs, prices, and to inquire about group coaching along with the other services offered please contact the R.E.A.L. Academy.

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See what Matt and R.E.A.L. Leadership can do for you!