Gain leadership skills designed to boost your sales career to new heights! This one or two day leadership seminar will cover the following essential skills including:

 Connecting to your Passion and Purpose
 Building your Sales Career in an Ethical Manner.
 Developing Bulldog Persistence
 Becoming a Person of Influence

 Creating more Effective Relationships
 Thriving in the midst of Adversity, Setbacks, and Failures
 Living a life of Significance


Matt Jones in his talk shares the characteristics of a R.E.A.L. leader and how you can apply them to become a leader of impact in your home, work, and society. Matt’s talk is based on his life experience of overcoming cancer when doctors did no t think he would live, relearning how to walk, and completing marathons around the world along with his research as a Phd student in Organizational Leadership.

I. Developing your Unique Strength as a Leader-Connecting with your Purpose

 Discover how to best utilize your unique strengths
 Developing a personal mission statement
 Self-Assessment to determine your strengths
 Finding, connecting, and leading through purpose
 Strategies for living a life of purpose

II. Refueling yourself to Achieve Greater Results-Energizing through Passion

 The three keys to increasing your passion professionally and personally
 Using enthusiasm to motivate yourself and others
 Identify energy vampires and how to handle them
 Bring out your inner passion for greater life and work satisfaction
 Influencing others by connecting with your inner passion

III. Winning Motivational Strategies -Empowerment through Attitude

 Becoming solution versus problem orientated
 Recognizing how your feelings, thoughts, and words determine your sales and life
 Learn how to become a leader that acts versus ones that reacts
 Develop strategies that allow for you to thrive through adversity
 Understand the single most important tool for success in sales, leadership, and life

IV. Effectively Dealing with Failure, Setbacks, and Challenges-Building Tenacity

 Channeling your inner bulldog mental toughness
 Strategies for pushing through the wall
 Inspiration for continuing onward to success
 Making No your vitamin
 Learning how to use the Mel Fisher Principle in your life

V. Creating Lasting Success – Upward and Onward through Personal Mastery

 Gain the skills for a lifetime of growth as a leader
 Bridging the gap of between the present reality and future success
 Becoming a lifelong learner
 Incorporating balance to avoid burnout
 Developing a personal and professional plan of mastery

I. Relational – Leadership is About Others

 The power of praise and recognition in influencing others
 The difference having a spirit of service makes
 Bringing out the very best in people
 Gaining the skills to become a leader in your industry
 The four qualities of a Transformational Leader

II. Ethical – The Importance of Doing what is Right as a Leader

 The four criteria to use as standards in situations
 Becoming a person and leader of integrity
 Applying the FrontPage test to decisions and actions
 Being able to lead one’s self
 Creating a reputation of credibility, trustworthiness, and dependability

III. Authentic – Finding your True Self

 Bringing out your unique leadership style
 Finding strength through weaknesses
 Answering the question of leadership for what purpose
 Going through the crucible
 Becoming an original in a world of copycats

IV. Lasting – Leaving a Personal and Professional Legacy

 Finding seventh generation solutions versus band aid solutions
 The eulogy exercise
 Creating a life of legacy
 Developing future leaders
 Living your mark as a agent, leader, and person

See what Matt and R.E.A.L. Leadership can do for you!