One strategy used by the R.E.A.L. Leadership Academy to pinpoint strengths and areas to develop for greater leadership effectiveness are assessments. Both assessments provide insight into the leader, their leadership style, as well as those they lead. The two main assessments currently offered are highly validated and have been used numerous times across a broad range of industries, organizations, and populations. They are also the focus for Matt Jones’ PhD dissertation in Organizational Leadership. For how this assessments can benefit your organization and its leaders please contact R.E.A.L. Leadership Academy.


This assessment developed by Bernard Bass and Bruce Avolio (key proponents of transformational leadership) is considered the benchmark and the most high used instrument for measuring transformational leadership.

The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire is commonly referred to as MLQ. it measures leadership styles ranging from transformational to passive or avoidant. It also can identify what characteristics of transformational leadership one possess and the ones they need to strength. This assessment also gives insight into how followers view their leaders. One of the benefits of the MLQ is that one’s progress towards being more effective leader can be measured through retesting and marking the changes in leadership style.

Shows the key characteristics between effective and ineffective leaders
 Provides an assessment of effectiveness of leadership within an organization
 Easy to complete

 Highly validated and researched across numerous cultures and organizations
 Consider the golden standard of measuring Transformational Leadership
Allows for a plan of action leading to leadership development


This assessment tool has helped to improve productivity, teamwork, and communication the lives of over forty million people. The DiSC identifies a person primary behavior/communication style. Knowing the lens in which you perceive the world and how others perceive the world is essential to R.E.A.L. Leadership. This profile will give you better understanding and insight into your own behavior as well as others based on their primary behavior. There are also eight types of leaders based off one’s primary and secondary score on the DiSC Profile

 Makes you more aware of yourself and those you lead
 Gain better understanding of how you and others deal with conflict
 Discover your and others preferred problem solving method

 Create a better team environment and minimize conflict
 Develop stronger leadership skills by identifying and responding to followers
Lead more efficiently by understanding motivation and priorities of others

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