Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions provide a great opportunity to expand on what is learned in the keynote or general session in a more intimate way. The breakout session goes into more depth of what was touched on during the keynote/general talk. This allows attendees to gain a better understanding as well as increase retention rates. Also allows for a greater return on investment by adding an extra talk with the same presenter. Below are the two main breakout sessions that can be delivered at your next meeting or event.

This breakout expands on R.E.A.L. Leadership Keynote/General talk and allows for attendees to gain greater knowledge through active participation and interaction with the key principles delivered in the talk. Each one of the characteristics of R.E.A.L. leadership with be examined and attendees will be given an action plan for increasing each one in order to become more effective leaders.
Leaders will learn that leadership is:

Why the leader/follower exchange is important

How great leadership starts with being a great person

Ways to be an original and not a copycat leader

The keys to making impact as a leader

 Leaders will become aware of one of their primary behaviors of the DiSC Profile
 Being able to identify one characteristic of Transformation Leadership they would like to strength
 Learn specific ways in their lives to apply ethical leadership
 Identify one area in which they can be more authentic as a leader
 Create a plan for making a lasting impact as a leader

This breakout session focuses on personal leadership. This is important because before you can be a great leader, you first must be a great person. One of the major benefits of this breakout is being able to expand on the core principles that lead to developing a marathon mentality. This is accomplished through interactive activities that participants do individual and collective in small groups.

 Learn the three core strategies for developing a marathon mentality
 Discover how to maintain and increase one’s tenacity
 Keys to operating at a level of excellence
 Gain a renewed passion for leadership
 Learn the importance of personal leadership

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