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Matt Jones shares the characteristics of a R.E.A.L. leader and how to apply them. Leaders will learn that leadership is: Relational-Why the leader/follower exchange is important, Ethical-How great leadership starts with being a great person, Authentic- Ways to be an original and not a copycat leader, Lasting- The keys to making impact as a leader.

Leadership, like a marathon, is an endurance event. In his talk, Matt uses running a marathon as a metaphor that provides winning strategies to develop a marathon mentality. This is accomplished through lessons learned from his against all odds story of conquering cancer three times, relearning how to walk, completing marathons around the world, and his studies as a PhD student in Organizational Leadership.

Get more return on your investment by having Matt Jones provide a breakout session in addition to the keynote/general session talk. This option allows for leaders to gain a deeper understand of the concepts presented in the keynote/general session talk.

Matt provides one and two day leadership seminars/trainings. The first half of the seminar focuses on personal leadership and the second professional leadership. The seminars are interactive, experiential, and engaging.

See what Matt and R.E.A.L. Leadership can do for you!