3 Time Cancer Survivor, 6 Time Martathon Runner

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Matt’s Most Requested College Talks

College is a Marathon

How to Make the Most Out of Your College Experience

In Matt’s talk, “College is a Marathon-How to Make the Most Out of Your College Experience” he shares the strategies used to go from being a college drop, a three-time cancer conqueror, to re-learning how to walk to becoming a PhD Candidate and running six marathons on six continents and now back in training for his seventh one in Antarctica. For his talk students will learn how they can make the most out of their college experience. Matt’s hindsight from his college and life experience will become foresight for your students and their life and college experience. Matt’s talk offers the following benefit for college students:

  • Learn how Matt was able to make a 4.0 his senior year while going through chemo and graduation college
  • How to use your college experience to springboard you to future success
  • The number one secret to success in life and in college
  • The three choices you must make to overcome challenges and achieve greater victory
  • Discover how to lay a lifelong foundation leading to living a life of significant

College like a marathon is an endurance event.
In order to achieve VICTORY and cross the finish line you must stay energized, push through the wall of adversity,
and preserve until the end. Through Matt Jones’ experiences of overcoming major adversity and insurmountable
odds as a senior in college and life, you will be inspired and learn strategies to achieve VICTORY
by developing your “Marathon Mentality” and cross your Finish Line!

Matt’s talk is based on his inspiring life experiences of overcoming cancer three times in college when doctors did not
think he would live, re-learning how to walk, and running six marathons on six
continents in San Diego, Rome, Tokyo, Peru, Perth, and Cape Town. As an added bonus, Matt also shares the most current and
groundbreaking research in the science of success and leadership from his
research as a PhD student in Organizational Leadership.

Student Leadership is a Marathon

How to be a R.E.A.L. Leader


Students will learn the following:

  • The importance of the leader/follower exchange in leadership
  • How transformational student leadership starts first with being a great person
  • Know what the four characteristics of a REAL Leader
  • Learn the four behaviors that transform followers
  • Discover the key to making a lasting impact in leadership
  1. Relational (REAL Leadership is about Serving Others)
    Students will:

    • Discover the power of praise and recognition in influencing others
    • Learn the difference that having a spirit of service makes
    • Gain the knowledge to bring out the very best in themselves and others
    • Find out the importance of the Joan of Arc Factor
  2. Ethical (REAL Leadership is about Doing what is Right)
    Students will:

    • Learn why becoming a person and leader of integrity is important
    • Be able to answer the five important questions that determine ethical leadership
    • Know how to apply the FrontPage test to decisions and actions
    • Uncover the key to creating a reputation of credibility, trustworthiness, and dependability
  3. Authentic (REAL Leadership is about Finding your True Self)
    Students will:

    • Be able to begin to work on bringing out their unique leadership style
    • Learn why it’s essential to embrace the Adversity Principle
    • See the importance of honesty and being genuine as a student leader
    • Discover the importance of becoming an original in a world of copycats
  4. Lasting- (Real Leadership is about Leaving a Legacy)
    Students will:

    • Know the importance of finding seventh generation solutions
    • Experience the eulogy exercise
    • Learn how to develop future leaders
    • Discover how to leave a Leadership Legacy


Matt Jones is truly an amazing and inspirational speaker to have at any event. He has been a great asset to Fullerton College and will hopefully continue to help educate our students with his expertise and passion.

– Deanna Farsakh, MS, CHES
Fullerton College

Matt is a very passionate speaker who knows how to connect with his audience. It is impossible to hear what he has to say and want to do something! Best of all, he motives using an equal measure of humor. I highly recommend Matt Jones.

-Dr. Jen Thomas
Director Health Promotion
Emporia State University

Thank you for serving as the featured speaker during our Student Leadership Conference. The students and staff thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Your message was well received and inspiring. I think your presentation was particularly relevant to our student body, because many of them have personal barriers to overcome. Your talk is positive proof that if you believe then you can succeed. I thank you again for sharing with our student body and for serving as a positive role model for our student leaders.

-Katy Meyer
Coordinator, New Student and Leadership Programs
Indiana University Southeast

The time you spent sharing with our students had a very positive impact on their education.

– Dr. Robert Klein
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Kansas University

Matt is an incredible speaker who speaks from the heart. Students need to hear his message, which will help them have, be, and do more in life. I highly recommend Matt for your next event.

-James Malinchak
“Two-time College Speaker of the Year”
Featured on TV Show Secret Millionaire

“I just wanted to thank you for sharing your powerful story… you lived up to not only all your promotional pieces and every recommendation but so much more. We could not have asked for a more appropriate speaker, a more entertaining speaker, or a more motivational speaker. We consider ourselves lucky to have found you.”

-Jill Scott
Associate Director
University of New Haven


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